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  • Warrior Mist

    Warrior Mist

    Relieves pain within 60 seconds. Nothing works faster, safer or better.

    • ULD is Ultra Low Dosage. Nothing lost in the stomach, liver, or bloodstream.
    • Relief within 60 seconds! Nothing works better, safer or faster!
    • Effective and safe pain relief solution developed by Doctors
    • "Spray" formula, guaranteed to relieve all types of pain

    Badge 30 day guarantee GMO Free Vegan Gluten Free Add to cart

  • Warror Roll-On Energy

    Warrior Roll-On Energy

    Designed to give you a boost of energy...naturally

    • ULD is Ultra Low Dosage. Nothing lost in the stomach, liver, or bloodstream.
    • Quick and sustained energy for up to 6 hours
    • Effective and safe energy solution developed by Doctors
    • All natural formula gives you a heightened sense of well-being, energy and focus

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  • warrior sleep

    Warrior Sleep

    Regain the balance needed to ensure a healthy, restful sleep

    • ULD is Ultra Low Dosage. Nothing lost in the stomach, liver, or bloodstream.
    • Few drops behind the ear to fall asleep.
    • Effective and safe sleep solution developed by Doctors
    • No Drowsiness the next day. Wake feeling refreshed and alert.

    Badge 30 day guarantee GMO Free Vegan Gluten Free Add to cart

Discover The Difference

Warrior HP in Action

See video
testimony 1
Ed Tobin

Ed Tobin is an office manager at Better Health Chiropractic. He used Warrior Sleep to solve his chronic sleep problem.

See video
testimony 4
Dr. Gloria M

Dr. Gloria Miler is an RN at Long Term Care Facility. Despite of all that is available she uses Warrior Mist to relieve her aches and pains from her over-use injuiries.

See video
testimony 3
Dr. Ario K

Ario Kiarash is an MD and Orthopedic Surgeon. Dr Ario speaks about the advantages of Warrior Mist over oral medicaton such as Aleve, Advil, Ibuprofen and aspirin.

See video
testimony 2
Kerriann M

Keriann Miller is a front office supervisor for Southwest Orthopedic Surgery Specialists. She manages her RLS with Warrior Mist.

Success Stories

  • This is the most unbelievable product I have ever seen. I was able to make a fist and sleep through the night for the first time since 1979. Then I took it to two of my friends. One had back surgery and was unable to move well or sleep. He is cured! The other had leg and hip surgery ten years ago that left him with severe leg cramps that made it impossible to sleep. He used Warrior Mist last night and slept for the first time in years pain free! I'm buying four more bottles today!

    Roy Mercer

  • "I'll tell you what, I've tried all kinds of "snake oils" and therapeutic ointments, and I was more than skeptical of yours. But I've been dealing with a neck/shoulder pain for the last month, and when I tried your Warrior Mist I experienced immediate relief. I came back to buy a bottle and used it on our 12 hour driving trip last week, and it worked incredibly. My wife even likes the smell of it, so that's another plus. I'm a believer, and will be telling everyone I know!

    Jim H In Tucson

  • As a triathlete and doctor, I can tell you that this product is AMAZING! _____

    Dave R., MD In Tucson

  • I am a barber and I developed carpal tunnel syndrome. It was going to ruin my business. I was advised to have surgery but that meant weeks of down time that I couldn't afford. I tried Warrior Mist. OMG, I'm back at work and feel great!

    Kary S Prescott

  • I was in a bad car accident 4 years ago and my neck has not been the same since. I tried Warrior Mist and wow! ______

    Carl M

  • I admit to being very skeptical when all of us were at lunch, however, a few minutes after applying Warrior Mist to my hands and wrists, the pain was gone! Shocking! Nothing, and I seriously mean nothing, had ever worked before.

    Laura K Collin, PhD

  • One of my patients that does massage had purchased a Warrior Mist (WM) to use on some of her clients and when she was in Friday all I had left was the bottle I was using to give patients a sample of the WM. I said I could sell you this one for $25 and she said that would work. Yesterday afternoon she called and asked if I could use a good laugh....I said sure.....the lady she sold this to called her and "wanted to know if this stuff was legal" because she felt so good and able to get around without any pain.

    Dr. Timothy A. Swihart

Warrior HP Difference

Designed by Doctors

It was designed by Dr. Hank Liers, Ph.D. and Dr. David Richardson, MD to utilize ULD Transdermal Technology to carry the active ingredients directly through the skin and into the bloodstream.

Igniting Pain Revolution

The concept behind Warrior Mist began as a simple idea: to design a safe, effective, all natural pain relief solution that also promoted healing and tissue health.

Since the ingredients in common topical pain relief formulas simply mask the pain until the active ingredient evaporates (usually either Camphor or Menthol), we wanted something longer lasting. In addition, these other products are loaded with ingredients that are useless because they don't penetrate the skin or actually may be toxic. Warrior Mist uses DMSO as its base ingredient, so it carries the other ingredients directly into the tissue where they do the most good. We'll tell you more about that below.

Our customers are finding relief from all sorts of chronic, sometimes debilitating, pain. Some of these people have been wrestling with pain for years.

30 day money back gurantee

Our Exclusive Guarantee makes it easy, convenient, and safe for you to shop at WarriorHp 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We guarantee your total satisfaction by providing the very best prices, products, selection, security, privacy, and service available online today.

All physical purchases at WarriorHp.com are covered by our 30 day unconditional money-back guarantee. Returns, exchanges, refunds, and replacements will not be processed after 30 days of date of delivery.

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Warrior Mist

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Warrior Energy

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